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Separating? Divorcing? Business Dispute?

Mervyn Rosenstein is a lawyer by profession, with over 18 years' experience in mediation and arbitration. For those dealing with a separation, divorce, custody disagreement, or business dispute, he has a proven track record in mediation and arbitration, and will help you discover the alternatives to costly court battles.

After practising law for many years, Mervyn Rosenstein then underwent extensive specialized training in the field of alternative dispute resolution, and now serves his clients exclusively as a mediator or arbitrator.

He has been involved in many businesses, at various levels, including as in-house counsel for an international commercial group, and so provides the skill and expertise needed to resolve complex issues.

His experience includes that of a Roster arbitrator with the Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan, and the Tarion Builder Arbitration Forum, a Roster Mediator with the Ontario Mandatory Mediation program, and as an arbitrator/mediator with the former OIC Arbitration Roster project.

As an impartial facilitator, Mervyn Rosenstein has helped numerous clients to reach agreements acceptable to both sides. This applies whether you’re going through a separation, divorce, custody dispute, support disagreement, or a partnership, shareholder, or other commercial dispute.

The approach is non-adversarial, and mediation is regarded by most as a WIN-WIN situation.

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Some Client Feedback

"I just wanted to call to thank you because I know you had an instrumental part in getting that agreement."

"Mediation was less costly than court." ~ D.A.

"You gave me the chance to work out my own solution" ~ T.T.

"Parties spent entire day in mediation [with Mr. Rosenstein] and are to be commended." ~Mr. Justice R.

"You were so very knowledgeable." ~M.V.

"I can finally move on with my life." ~A.A.

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