Protect Your Interests While Saving Time and Money with Mediation in Toronto

Whether you’re at the crossroads of a separation, divorce, custody dispute, support disagreement or a commercial dispute, we can help. The Resolution Alternative provides comprehensive arbitration and mediation in Toronto for individuals and families seeking a quick and effective resolution to their dispute. While most disputes can be turbulent and emotionally challenging, Mervyn Rosenstein—leader of The Resolution Alternative—is the impartial facilitator you need for both sides to reach an acceptable agreement.

Our goal is to provide a “win – win” situation for both parties involved in the dispute while saving each side time and money by avoiding taking the matter to court.

The Law Itself Favors Mediation
When issues arise which could otherwise lead to court proceedings, it makes sense in most situations for people to resolve these disagreements through mediation.

Per the Divorce Act, it is the duty of your lawyer or advocate to discuss the viability of negotiating as well as the options available to you.

Mediation has proven to be an effective alternative to court battles for many types of cases. In fact, there is a general rule that all large unsettled court cases in Toronto, must go to compulsory (“mandatory”) mediation. In general, you can mediate even in the midst of a court case.

When you have a need for mediator to help settle your dispute, call The Resolution Alternative!

The Goal
The primary focus of mediation is to come up with practical solutions. The goal is to achieve a settlement in writing.

In addition:

Mediation aims to reduce stress and to support the parties during the entire process. Making sure that each party is free to express their views is of central importance. Where there are children involved, even adult children, this can be the more peaceful road, for their sake.

Some Client Feedback

"I just wanted to call to thank you because I know you had an instrumental part in getting that agreement."

"Mediation was less costly than court." ~ D.A.

"You gave me the chance to work out my own solution" ~ T.T.

"Parties spent entire day in mediation [with Mr. Rosenstein] and are to be commended." ~Mr. Justice R.

"You were so very knowledgeable." ~M.V.

"I can finally move on with my life." ~A.A.

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