Settle Your Business Dispute with an Experienced Business Mediator in Toronto

When involved in a business-related dispute, you want a business mediator in Toronto who understands the issues at stake. At The Resolution Alternative, we provide a mediator who has years of actual business experience. In addition to mediation, arbitration and law, he has for many years, been directly & actively involved in a number of business enterprises, both in Ontario and internationally. He consequently brings a particular sensitivity and awareness to the practical side of commercial, employment, family, and financial issues.

In the commercial and civil areas, his experience as both a mediator and an arbitrator has covered a wide range of issues. This has included insurance matters, personal injuries, wrongful dismissal, shareholder disputes, arbitration with governmental entities, etc. A background in corporate and commercial law will add to the service you will obtain.

Our objective is to provide our business clients with an approach that takes into account, the various aspects of the business world, the corporate structure, and the realities of business and competition. The need for profitability and efficient operation are always as consideration.

Some of the areas where disputes arise

  • Working with a partnership/shareholder agreement
  • Disputes in absence of a partnership/shareholder agreement
  • Disputes between management and an employee
  • Disputes between employees
  • Family business disputes
  • Contract disputes between supplier and customer
  • Claims of wrongful dismissal

If you’ve decided to go the route of mediation for your business dispute, contact The Resolution Alternative to schedule a consultation to get started.

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