Spousal & Child Support Mediation in Toronto – Reach an Agreement

Legal issues pertaining to family relationships are typically of an overtly emotional nature, and can be particularly messy, especially when children are involved. Along with the troubling emotional aspects of the situation, there is the practical matter of spousal and child support in Toronto.

Sadly, many people rush off to court, and engage in legal battles. The purpose of our spousal and child support mediation in Toronto is to deal with these matters in a calm, reasonable and timely fashion. Child support will likely involve not only the basic needs of the child, but also additional expenses such as day-care, extra-curricular activities, special expenses, etc.

In addition to child support, the entire area of spousal support, is not only legally complex, it is an area which often arouses very strong feelings both in the potential payer and recipient. Conflict can be significantly more heated in the event of a separation or divorce, which is why both parties can use the help of an impartial, experienced third party.

Compassionate Representation
Child-related conflicts can be devastating. The same is true of the entire issue of spousal support. That’s why The Resolution Alternative does everything possible to bring about a positive resolution to your support case, while minimizing stress and hassle.

If you’ve become embroiled in a spousal or child support dispute, seek out the mediation services of The Resolution Alternative.

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