Learn What Our Mediator in Toronto Can Do for You

Mediation is a voluntary process in which clients agree to have an impartial person (the mediator) help to solve civil, family, or business issues. Examples of the application and objectives of mediation include:

  • Helping couples negotiate details of a separation agreement, sorting out support, property and financial matters, and developing a parenting plan for any children.
  • Helping the family to understand the issues which have developed, and guiding them to resolve those issues successfully.
  • Helping negotiate changes to an existing Separation Agreement, as circumstances may have changed over the years.
  • In business disputes generally, helping the opposing parties reach a satisfactory resolution that will keep them out of costly court battles.
  • For shareholder disputes in private companies, or when dissolving that relationship, assisting the parties to arrive at a solution, while de-escalating the conflict.
  • In disputes between family members in a family-owned business, helping the individuals involved create the details of an agreement, such that all family members understand how the business will be run, as well as to establish terms for the business to be dissolved or sold should that outcome arise.
  • Assist the employer and employee in resolving employee disputes, or cases of alleged wrongful dismissal.
  • For existing court cases generally, help the parties negotiate a reasonable settlement, allowing them to discontinue the lawsuit.
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